Nescom Technologies believes firmly in the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility. As a member of the community we have an obligation to take care of the community in which we reside that allows us to perform the work that we do. Nescom Technologies gives money to many different charities including Widows and Orphans especially Children for their educational needs and up keep. Another aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility is Environmental Responsibility. Nescom Technologies takes many measures to ensure that we properly manage our environmental impact. We try to minimize our waste by using the proper amount of materials and not keeping a large inventory.


At Nescom we have a program called Nescom Cares. This program is designed to help people both within and outside of the organization. This program drives Nescom’s corporate charitable causes and encourages employees to get involved. Another aspect of this program is helping our employees in times of need. We have had instances where employees are out of work for long periods of time due to non-work related serious illnesses or family related serious illnesses. In these cases employees are not able to work so part of our Nescom Cares program is to pull together for these people in their times of need. We pool donations from all employees from the top to the bottom to ensure that we can help this person pay their bills or medical expenses. We are not able to cover everything but if we can help alleviate some of that burden and make things a little easier on them we strive to do that.

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